Friday, February 18, 2011

History Forum - February 24th - Dr. Sharleen Nakamoto Levine

Please join us next Thursday, February 24th, at 12 Noon for Dr. Sharleen
Nakamoto Levine's talk on "Rice as the Source of an Unbalanced Racial Diet."

We will meet in Sakamaki Hall A201, the U H Manoa History Department Library.

Dr. Levine will introduce, discuss and analyze the successful and controversial
Ewa Plantation Health Project, started in 1930 by Martha R. Jones. Ph.D. The
Project was an experiment with Filipino and Japanese mothers and their babies
to lower infant mortality and improve dental health. It intended to replace a
diet around cheap white rice with an infant formula using poi. The talk
considers the the meaning of the project and the controversy surrounding it.
What are its legacies for writing about the histories of Filipino and Japanese
women in Hawaii, and their beliefs, practices and health?

The talk is free and open to the public.

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