Tuesday, October 19, 2010

ReGeneration - a documentary film screening as part of HIFF


An exciting new documentary film titled ReGENERATION, written and directed by Philip Montgomery, and narrated by Ryan Gosling, will be screening this week as part of the Hawaii International Film Festival.

The film explores
the concepts of apathy and cynicism in today's generation towards Social and Political causes. In addition to featuring a spectrum of young minds to explore these issues, the film also features interviews with Noam Chomsky, Andrew Bacevich, Amy Goodman, Mos Def , Norman Ornstein, Tucker Carlson, and the late Howard Zinn just to name a few. The film focuses directly on how parenting, education, and media shape today's generation, while exploring previous movements and generations and how they have affected us in the present. One key point made in the film is our "loss of history" in the current curriculum being taught in our education system.

HIFF Screening times:
Dole Cannery Stadium 18
6:30pm, Thursday, October 21
3:00pm, Saturday, October 23


(This information courtesy of Philip Montgomery)

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